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 Enter a fascinating world of exotic sight and sound.... at Bali's stunning Bird Park.

 A cast of hundreds of the world's rarest and most beautiful birds greet you as you stroll through tropical gardens: highly endangered endemic Bali Starlings, South American Macaws and Australian Cockatoos in their kaleidoscopic plumage, stately African Crowned Cranes and Tanzanian Flamingos milling serenely by the waters edge and pelicans floating quietly in shimmering lotus ponds, are just some of the marvelous sight you will experience.

The variety and radiance of Indonesian Parrotswill captive and enthrall you, and rare Cassowaries, Black palmCockatoos, Hornbills and one of the world's largest and most variedcollection of "Bird of Paradise" will fascinate you.

Birdaren't the only exiting creatures at the park. Rare Komodo Dragons alsomake their home here. Set in magnificent botanical gardens the BALI BIRD PARKoffers more than just a glorious myriad of bird life, a backdrop ofponds and waterfalls creates a perfect environment for, not only ourbirds, but also a Lotus and Water Lily collection.

  As you stroll throughout the park, your eyes will continually alight on a multitude of diverse Palms and rich tropical flora. Wander through our mist-shrouded Walk-In Aviary-home to free flying birds in a dense rain-forest setting. With our advanced nursery, fully trained staff and Park Veterinarian, BALI BIRD PARK is a caring home for the bird and an unforgettable experience for visitor all ages.

At the restaurant our talented chefs combine the freshest ingredientsin a variety of Indonesian an Western dishes, served for your pleasurein an unforgettable setting...watching Flamingos andlistening to song birds rarely heard outside of Indonesia.

A perfect way to relax and enjoy a gourmetmeal-and why not start your day in a realm of natural fantasties "Breakfast with the birds". At the BALI BIRD PARK we tempt you to linger and enjoy our fascinating living world a little longer.




Step out of time and into a fantastic land...
Back to the dawn of man's first encounter with the awesome world of reptiles...
Bali Reptile Park's dragons from Komodo and extensive display of snakes and other reptiles from Indonesia and the rest of the world hark back to that era.
Learn about the fascinating history of these animals and the efforts to conserve them

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