Prambanan Temple

Erected in the 10th century by the ancient Hindu-Javanese rulers, this magnificent shrine is elaborately ornamented with designs of the utmost delicacy. Walking about the main shrine, people will notice the sub-basement underfacing upon which the temple is built. This itself is not part of the temple, but forms its foundation. This multisides basement is ornamented with many varied sculptured reliefs, such as flowersand trees, and are popularly refered to as the "Prambanan motifes adminitsniches" off sculped lion and filleted paners is the well known "Wishing tree motive". The combination of these various motifs brought with such delicacy, and so well preserved make this temple, known as the Slender Virgin, "The Siva Temple". The main temple site located in the immediate are: To the North of this temple lies the Brahma Temple, and to the South the Wisnu Temple. This three ancient masterpieces of Hindu architecture are locally referred to as "Candi Prambanan" or the Prambanan Temple group. Perhaps one of the most majestic temple sites in Southeast Asia. Prambanan attracts a great many admirers each year from abroad. The first open-air theatre on the southern side of the temple was built in 1960 and the new theatre on the western side in 1988. During full moon evenings in the months of May to October, the Ramayana ballet is performed here. The prambanan temple complex lies among green fields and villages. It has eight shrines, of which the three main ones are dedicated to Shiva, Wisnu, and Brahma. The main temple of Shiva rises to a height of 130 feet and houses the magnificant statue of Shiva's consort, Durga.

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