Vredeburg Castle

This castle that was built in 1765 by the Government of the Netherlands is used to defend the attack from the Sultan's Palace. With surrounding trench, the fort is a square-shaped features in the tower-to-four corner and stronghold of the Dutch that allows it to run around the guard and release the shot if needed.

On the basis cannon bastion in the south, the Kraton of Yogyakarta and several other buildings including the surrounding density lalulintas clearly visible. Built in 1765 by the Dutch, the Museum with an area of approximately 2100 square meters has several collections, such as:
- Building-Dutch heritage building, restored according to the original form.
- Diorama, diorama depicts the struggle before Independence Proclamation to the New Order.
- Collections of historic objects, photographs, and paintings of the national struggle in a way, achieve, maintain, and complete independence of Indonesia.

Museum Benteng Yogyakarta, originally called "Benteng Rustenburg" that have a meaning "Benteng to take a rest", built by the governoor of Netherland in the year 1760 on the palace ground. Thanks to the permission of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono I, among the year 1765 1788 and further enhanced the building changed its name to "Vredeburg Castle" that have meaning Castle of peace.

Historically, since the building stood until now has experienced various changes in the function that is 1760 - 1830 working as a bunker, in the year 1830 -1945 military headquarters functions as the Netherlands and Japan, and in the years 1945 - 1977 working as a military headquarters RI.
After the 1977 Hankam return to the government. Minister of education and culture by the government through the current Mr. Daoed Yoesoep up approval Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX, the owner, defined as a center of information and cultural development of the archipelago on 9 August 1980.

On 16 April 1985 this castle restored and the Struggle Museum opened to the public in 1987. Then on 23 November 1992 to become the official "National Struggle Museum Special" with the name "Yogyakarta Castle Museum".

Vredeburg Castle form was restored and under reservation from Indonesian goverment. In the form of restoration is still kept outside, are in the form of the restored and adapted to its function as a new space museum.





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