Senggigi Beach
Quite close to Selaparang airport, and fairly convenient to the ferry arrival port of Lembar, most visitors to Lombok usually begin their stay at Senggigi, Lombok's oldest and mos famous resort area.

A series of white sandy beaches in small palm-fringed bays, hugging the sides of steep hills sweeping down to the sea, make up Senggigi. The views up and down the coast and stretching out to sea as far as Bali are majestic. Swimming off the beach is safe and good waves for surfers peel to the left and right off the reef that just out from the main beach. The reef is also home to a variety of marine life and beautiful coral and is ideal for relaxed snorkeling.

Visit the very evocative shrine that sits on a black outcrop of rock that reaches out into the sea at Batu Bolong, a few kilometers from central Senggigi. It can be particularly enchanting when Hindu devotees make their offerings at dusk and Senggigi presents one of her crimson sunsets with the silhouette of Bali's Mt Agung faintly visible in the distance.

Restaurants and small cafes line the colorful main beach road. Two pulsating discopubs churn out music until the early hours, but in effect they don't disturb the laid-back and decidedly relaxed atmosphere of the place.

Hotels belonging to some of the major international and local chains have beachfront locations with all the fancy frills expected of luxury hotels. Cheaper accommodation is likewise available in the form of small, comfortable bungalows.


A steady 1 hour 45 minutes drive from Mataram will take you to the south coast of Lombok where the village and resort area of Kuta is situated. One of Indonesia's most stunning beaches with wide stretches of deserted sand beach, crystal-clear waters and picturesque out crops of rock. And with its superb surf breaks, Kuta is one of the most popular surf areas of Lombok.

Passing through several small Sasak villages on the way to Kuta, one gets the chance to see how traditional hand made Sasak pottery and handicraft is made and the opportunity to shop for a bargain or two.

The Gili Islands are comprised of three small islands just of the northwestern coast of mainland Lombok. Gili Trawangan is the furthest of the three islands and the journey from the departure point in the village of Bangsal usually takes a little more than an hour by outrigger. It is also the most popular island amongst the Gilis. Over the years it has become the most developed and most lively of the three. As well as having basic accommodations, it also plays host to a number of luxurious boutique hotels, beachfront restaurants, bars and dive centers.

The Gili Islands are three small Islands just of the northwestern coast of mainland Lombok. Gili Meno is the middle island and by far the most quiet with fewer hotels, as such it is the ideal place to visit when wishing to get away from the crowd.

Gili Air is nearest to mainland Lombok and has the largest local population of the three islands. With basic to three star accommodation, Gili Air is bounded by beautiful coral and clear waters, providing a haven for thousands of species of fish and making it a play ground for divers and those who love to snorkel. The beaches on Gili Air are fabulous.


The city of Mataram is the capital of Lombok. Together with with Ampenan, Cakranegara & Sweta these four small towns make up the main business district of Lombok and are considered by many as being one main city. A former port town, Mataram has grown to be the main business and administrative area. Government offices, universities, shops, banks and restaurants are all readily available within the Mataram district. Hotel accommodation in Mataram caters mainly to local businessmen and merchants.

The heritage and culture of Lombok are easily noticeable in Mataram, antique shops, traditional markets and the museum with priceless artifacts tell the tale of former times.

Mount Rinjani, a 3,726 meter high active volcano, is one of the tallest mountains in Indonesia. At the floor of the volcano's huge caldera is the sickle shaped crater lake Segara Anakan, surrounded by steep walls, the mountain is popular with hikers. Sembalun Bumbung and Sembalun Lawang are two traditional Sasak villages on the slopes of Rinjani.



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