Paranormal figure movie Eat, Pray & Love a lot of tourist come


Ketut Liyer name more famous as a psychic or 'smart people'. Not only in Bali, but also internationally. It can not be separated from the novel and movie Eat, Pray, Love (EPL), starring a beautiful actress Julia Roberts. I Mangku Ketut Liyer, male 95 years old who live in areas rich Pengosekan banjo, Ubud, Bali is now busy incredible, after becoming a central figure in the novel and film that EPL.

From morning to evening many guests who came. more and more things coming in the afternoon.layer takes approximately 30 minutes to predict and treat every guest. Indeed, after the publication of novels written  EPL Elizabeth Gilbert, author of a former American journalist, Ketut Layer house is getting crowded. 

Especially after the novel by the author's background story was filmed with a beautiful star Julia Robert and local star Christine Hakim. Because this house became the main filming location of this movie. Gilbert even want to invite Mangku Liyers come into play in a romantic film, but because of his health condition is not possible, he did not play.

Indeed, the residence of Mangku Liyer that are not so plush has a distinctive charm. the house was assessed to be eligible for a romantic ambiance as Gilbert has experienced decades ago. Therefore, the house was transformed in such a way that the ancient impressed.

Liyer in one day be able to serve 20-30 people. Both local residents, domestic visitors from several cities in Indonesia, as well as foreign guests from various countries. The most of even foreign visitors, mainly from U.S., Japanese, Australian, German, Dutch and Russian.



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