Sumberkima Village, Buleleng Regency, is chosen to be the location of establishing new airport in the area of North Bali as from the result of temporary technical analysis relatively it is easier to be constructed there compared to at Kubutambahan Village.

"I prefer to built it at Sumberkima in the West area of Buleleng by seeing the score from small team led by Head of Bali Province Transportation Department and also in terms of difficulty in land acquisition," said Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika in Denpasar.

The meeting was attended by Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana, Director of Airport General Directorate of Air Transportation Ministry of Transportation Bambang Cahyono, Head of Bali Information Transfer and Communication Department Dewa Putu Punia Asa, Head of General Work Department Bali Ketut Artika, Karo Ekbang Bali Gede Suarjana and related institutions.

Pastika stated that it will be much easier to build the airport at Sumberkima Village, Gerokgak District, than at Kubutambahan, which has dense population. He imagined how hard it will be to move people and Kahyangan Tiga Temple and cemetery at customary village (pakraman) in Kubutambahan. He said that let alone moving Kahyangan Tiga, moving merajan (family shrines) is not easy.

"For example, Ngurah Rai Airport could not be extended anymore because there are cemetery and Temple. That experience should be learnt. It is more feasible at Sumberkima, although there are hills but it could be cut as it's just rock," he said.

Moreover, near Sumberkima there is land owned by Bali Provincial Government, which is 650 hectares width so the provincial government could contribute as well.

"What becomes the problem is land acquisition. If the land could be bought, it will be okay, but if it's not for sale such as the Kahyangan Tiga temple, it'll be hard," he said.

The former of Bali Police Chief desired that the new airport construction scheduled to be began in 2015 has two runways. He believed that the potential of tourist arrival will increase as it's close to the beach and Celukan Bawang harbor. The Governor asked Buleleng Regent to compile regulation of land status determination to build new airport at Sumberkima village.

"With a regulation, it is expected to prohibit land transaction in that region so it will prevent difficulty in land acquisition," he said.

According to him, regulation of prohibiting land transaction must be issued soon so people won't toy with the land price at Sumberkima.Responding the request from the Governor, Buleleng Regent Putu Agus Suradnyana will coordinate with Bali Province Transportation Department to immediately come to Buleleng in order to determine which areas will be affected by the airport establishment.

"If the land owned by provincial government is used to establish the airport, certainly it will be easier but it's only 600 hectares, so we need 600 hectares more to build an airport with two runways," he said. Related to the form of regulation, Suradnyana said that it must be discussed first with Buleleng Legislative Council since now there is discussion about Regional Regulation of Region Layout Planning.

"Besides, prohibition of land sale to build airport related to agrrement with all stakeholders, including DPRD, notary, head of diatrict, National Land Agency, and so on," said the PDIP politician.

At least in a week we will know the rough calculation of the wide and detail of areas in Sumberkima that will be the spot of new airport establishment. He also asked the Provincial government to accelerate the auction to do further analysis on the new airport establishment with the expectation that it could be accomplished as soon as possible and to ease people access to transportation.

Meanwhile, the Head of Bali Transportation, Information and Communication (Kadis ubinfokom) Dewa Putu Punia Asa explained the opportunity and challenge of establishing airport at Sumberkima and Kubutambahan.

At Sumberkima village, he explained, majority of the areas are dry land, it has less residential areas (about 2,570 families that will get the impact), it's along the national roas, and the toll line Kuta-Soka-Seririt will closely pass the region.

Furthermore, if we conduct reclamation, it will be easier with 416 meter of sea depth, and the airport project will affect five mosques and four temples.

On the other hand, Kubutambahan that is located in Eastern part of Buleleng, the affected areas is the irrigation areas and a dense residential area (about 8,012 families), high rainfall, affecting 14 temples and two of them are curtural heritage, the sea level is deeper, which is 981 meters. The Director of Air Transportation Ditjen Ministry of Transportation Bambang Cahyono said that it's urgent to establish new airport since Ngurah Rai Airport is no longer sufficient to have additional runway with the high rate of tourist arrival.

Bambang reminded that it should be more comprehensive analysis related to the new airport establishment, including funding, design, land acquisition and potential of arrival, and so on.

"Our suggestion is the one who design is possible is an Indonesian. Kuala Namu Airport in North Sumatra, not use any foreign person, and is designed all by Indonesian. I think in Bali there are many experts of Environment impact analysis, social-economy, culture and other fields," he said.

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