Information of Getting Married in Bali - Indonesia

Bali is the ideal setting for your wedding. You can marry outdoors most of the year, you can choose to marry on a beach, in a garden, beautiful beach villa, royal temple or in the colorful village, or even many less known gems are also hidden away in unexpected areas.

We will help you every step of the way. From making your marriage license appointment to choosing hotel rooms, villa and selecting top-notch catering options boasting fresh local ingredients and a variety of exotic influences, we will be your Bali representative. Let us know your preferences and we'll be able to suggest many unique options.

Bali ensures a large numbers of nationalities from every part of the world to have legally married

In accordance with Indonesian Law concerning marriages in Indonesia, marriage is legitimate if it has been performed according to the laws of the respective religious beliefs of the parties concerned.

All couples that marry in Indonesia must declare a religion. The Civil Registry Office can record marriages of persons of Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian-Protestant and Christian-Catholic faiths. Marriage partners must have the same religion. Otherwise one partner must make a written declaration of change of religion.

The following countries have Consulates or Consular Representatives in Bali such as:

• Australia • Norway & Denmark
• Italy • France
• Switzerland & Austria • Japan
• United Kingdom • United States of America
• England • Netherlands

You have to submit the following documents for both partners for Civil Registry Office requirement as follows:

  • Passport for foreign citizens or KTP (Identity Card) for Indonesian citizens
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Divorce or Death Certificate, from the previous marriage if applicable
  • Photos 6 (six) pieces 4x6 both partner side by side (which man at the right side)
  • Letter of No Impediment to Marriage issued by your Consular Representative for Bali or Indonesia

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Legal Wedding Arrangement

Legal wedding arrangement is wedding involving both government register and religious minister as required by Indonesian law. Below, 2 steps to choose this wedding option:

Step 1
Religious Wedding Ceremony that conducted by minister of your religion. There are 5 religions legalized in Indonesia i.e.: Moslem, Catholic, Protestant, Buddha and Hindu. This process will take around 10 to 15 minutes. After the wedding vows declared by both bride and groom, then time for signing the wedding certificate together with the wedding witnesses.

Step 2
After the first step finish, the wedding is legalized by the local civil register and it takes about 5 to 10 minutes, and will be followed by 'tok tok tok', a sign that their marriage is legal according to Indonesian Law. Then, the marriage certificate will be issued by the Civil Registration Office.

So in the legal wedding, the couple will receive 2 certificates. After the above procession finishes, we can take the photo-tour, video shooting or other program according clients' requests.

Document Requirements for Legal Wedding

  • Copy of passport of both partners
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Letter of Divorce if any / If you have been married before
  • Letter of No Impediment to get married in Bali from your consulate in Bali (This document can be arranged here by once you get here. If the consulate has one in us)
  • 6 pieces of photograph size 4X6 cm
  • Copy of passport of the two witnesses

Religion Wedding

This wedding is conducted or blessed by the priest only, means you will have one certificate from minister of religion.

The Religious Marriage under Islam is performed by the Office of Religious Affairs (Kantor Urusan Agama) in a ceremony at a mosque or any other place chosen by the couple and is legal immediately after ceremony.

A Christian, Hindu or Buddhist marriage is usually blessed first by the priest of their own religion and after the religious ceremony, the marriage must be recorded with the Civil Registry (Kantor Catatan Sipil). Without the registration by the Civil Registry these marriages are not legal

Persons of non-Islamic faith are required to file with the Civil Registry Office in the Regency where they are staying first a "Notice of Intention to marry" as well as a "Letter of No Impediment" obtained from their Consular representatives.

Document Requirements for Religion Wedding

  • Copy of passport of both partner
  • Copy of birth certificate of both partner
  • Letter of Divorce if any if you have been married before
  • 4 pieces photograph (the groom in right side while bride left) size 4x6
  • Copy passport of the two witnesses

Renewal Vows

Renewal Vows is the re-declaration of wedding vows. The process is not much different than the religion wedding, and there is no certificate, but just a notification letter from the organist. The couple can have their own words to declare. This style is not a formal one, but it may reflect to next life.

Commitment Wedding

A lay officiant or celebrant performs a commitment ceremony to take your vows. Ceremony for couples who wishing to experience a ceremony with special meaning to them in Bali - perhaps to renew their vows or you have special love words each other to say in front of your guest. It is also suitable for couples who are unable to be married to each other because of enjoying an alternative life style but who wish to make a commitment to each other for a life to together.

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding is performed in a 'puri agung', royal Hindu palace. Beside the wedding procession using old style tradition, the situation is like the wedding of Balinese Hindu kings in the past years. This wedding package is just a symbol, the couple can choose anywhere the blessing ceremony according to their religion and faith before celebrating it in the 'puri agung'.

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